San Sebastian

San Sebastian:  Greatest Urban Beach in the World.  We love this annual by-daily tri-weekly sidetrip from San Fermin and Pamplona.

You cannot visit Pamplona without taking a side trip to San Sebastian.  We rent a car, and have completely lost touch with the bus crowd.  For a couple of bucks, we love to throw in the back seat for the ride.

Commonly, our friends want to know about places to each in San Sebastnian, which really is a culinary capital of the world.

Here’s our short list of favorites in the parte vieja.

Gorriti (c/San Juan, corner c/Lorenzio) . All time favorite!


Best Cow Cheek You’ll Ever Eat!

Nagusia Lau (c/ Mayor / Nagusia Kalea 4)

La Cepa (c/31 de Augusto, 7)

Ganbara (c/San Jeronimo, 21).  As discovered by PNM, but as popularized by Gwyneth.  Mushroom w/egg yolk.

Gaztelu (c/31 de Augusto)

Txepetxa, c/5 Pescaderia (anchovies w/creamed crab).

Narrika, c/Narrika (patatas bravas)

Astelena (corner of Plaza Constitucion)

Borda Berri (Fermin Calbeton, 12).  Ask for the cow cheek, anchovies. 

Bar Ganbara (c/ de San Jerónimo 21).  Wild mushrooms.

 Txepetxa, (5 C/Pescaderia).  Anchovies w/creamed crab.

Bara Case Senra, San Francisco, 32

Alona Berri (Bermingham, 24).  Ccod, mushrooms w/gizzards. 

Bergara (General Artexe, 8).

Just look for anything on: 31 de Augusto, Fermin Calbeton, Pescaderia, Aldamar, or San Jeronimo

Dessert — Galparsoro, 6 c/6 Mayor (chocolate chip brioche).  Trust me.

Dessert –Otaegui , 30 San Martin (macaroons).  Simply the best french macaroons in the region.  Be careful, because you can end up spending 50 € quickly, and on dessert.  Someone please tell Ari that when I offer him a macaroon, I am just being polite.  He’s supposed to politely decline, instead of saying “sure I’ll take 2.”

We spent more than a few hours eating in San Sebastian and consider this the list.

Here are some of our accumulated PDFs:

San Sebastain 20 Point Escape Plan (PDF)

San Sebastian Dining Etxebarri (PDF)

San Sebastian Great-Value Vacations (PDF)

San Sebastian Guide (PDF)

San Sebastian Rick Steve’s Basque Country (PDF)

San Sebastian Sea’s Healing Power (PDF)

San Sebastian Top Tapas (PDF)

Sans Sebastian Meals Worth the Price of a Plane Ticket (PDF)


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  1. pintxolari says:

    Don’t miss the site (English version available), for more info about suggested bars, pintxos and tapas in San Sebastian.

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