Some help Basque Phrases

During fiesta, you will be in the Kingdom of Navarra, and not Spain.  It’s the Basque Lands.  Many of the people you will meet are not Spanish.  The locals know more English and French than you’ll know Spanish, and certainly more than you’ll know Basque.  To be Basque means to speak the Basque language.  Surprise a local by dropping a Basque phrase.

Bai = Yes

Ez = No

Kaixo! = Hello

Agur!, Adio! = Goodbye!

Ikusi arte = See you!

Eskerrik asko! = Thank you!

Egun on = Good morning (literally: Good day)

Egun on, bai = Standard reply to Egun on

Arratsalde on = Good evening

Gabon = Good night

Mesedez = Please

Barkatu = Excuse (me)

Aizu! = Listen! (To get someone’s attention, not very polite, to be used with friends)

Kafe hutsa nahi nuke = Can I have a coffee?

Zorionak = Happy holidays (During Christmas and new year’s), congratulations

Zer moduz? = How are you?

Eup!= The colloquial way of greeting someone on the street, also apa or aupa or iep!.

Kaixo aspaldiko! = Like Kaixo, but adds “Long time, no see”-meaning.

Ez horregatik = You’re welcome

Ez dut ulertzen = I don’t understand

Ez dakit euskaraz hitz egiten = I don’t speak Basque

Ba al dakizu ingeleraz hitz egiten? = Do you speak English?

Zein da zure izena? = What is your name?

Pozten nau zu ezagutzeak = Nice to meet you

Ongi etorri! = Welcome!

Egun on denoi = Good morning everyone!

Berdin / Hala zuri ere = The same to you (E.g. after Kaixo or Egun on)

Jakina!/Noski! = Sure! OK!

Nongoa zara? = Where are you from?

Badakizu euskaraz? = Do you speak Basque?

Bai ote? = Really? Maybe?

Bizi gara!! = We are alive!!

Bagarela!! = So we are!! (Answer to the above)

Topa! = Cheers!

Hementxe! = Over / right here!

Geldi! = Stop

Lasai = Take it easy

Ez dut nahi = I don’t want it


About The Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club

¡Hola! Founded in 1989 in the Food Court of the Echelon Mall in Voorhees, New Jersey, by Peter N. Milligan and Aryeh ("Ari") L. Deutsch, the Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club celebrates all things Festival of San Fermín between July 6 and 14, and all things Philadelphia, PA and its surrounds the rest of the year.
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2 Responses to Some help Basque Phrases

  1. Marlene Looney says:

    Are you guys doing something on the 4th for San Fermin????? Would love to attend/participate!!! I am Cuban born via the Kingdoms of Navarra (Estella-Lizarra; paternal side) and Asturias (maternal side).

    • The Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club says:

      On the 4th we will be packing the suitcases for fiesta, and getting a good night’s sleep for flying into Pamplona for the 6th!

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