Uno de Unero. Really.

January 1 — Uno de Unero.  The 1st of the 7 steps to 7 de Julio, which is the date of the 1st run of 2009.  In Basque, today is known as “Urtarrilaren Bata,” so good luck with that. 

So, it’s not long to go now.  We’re going to watch some hockey (Flyers 20-10), and hopefully some Eagles NFL playoff  football, and wait patiently until at least springtime.  Just kidding, I’m already ironing pañuelos and white pants.

So, please feel free to email us with any questions ( as you get ready for July.  Friends helped us in the beginning, and we love to pass on the advice.

On 12/23/08, the Pamplona City Council announced financing for construction of the Pamplona San Fermin and Bullrun Museum.  So, our usual and now seemingly pedantic goal is just to get into the newspapers.  A museum?  Now, I’m busy getting memorabilia for the Philadelphia Pena and Taurino Club display ready. 

Seriously, it’s a giant box of stuff.




Peter in the Ring

Peter in the Ring











About The Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club

¡Hola! Founded in 1989 in the Food Court of the Echelon Mall in Voorhees, New Jersey, by Peter N. Milligan and Aryeh ("Ari") L. Deutsch, the Philadelphia Peña and Taurino Club celebrates all things Festival of San Fermín between July 6 and 14, and all things Philadelphia, PA and its surrounds the rest of the year.
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